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lawrence woods 10th May, 2017+1
Same things with me
Mr. D. Smith 10th May, 2017+1
I keep getting this same caller, they asked the first time am I this woman they are looking for, they gave me a date of birth, Now I must have that person number when they were landline, I don't like them asking me about someone and will I take papers for them, it is strange the same person is my deceased wife, now I know she don't owe anyone anything for a loan or a credit debt, I wish they get the hell off my back, I asked my personal lawyer about this accusation , they said there is no file number in no civil court system, someone wants to scan your dead wife for money, he laugh and said well send them to her burial ground , well now,,, you people need to stop harassing people, for one I have a heart condition , I don't need this kind of stress especially after losing my wife , my death will be on their hands

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